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Tantric Yoga: Philosophy and Meditation

    Tantric Cosmology   Tantric Yoga, developed in the sixteenth century CE, seems particularly concerned with anatomy, which is largely spiritual. Tantra applies the three gunas to energy, as causal, subtle, and gross, and to man, as sat, will (or transcendental consciousness), chit, knowledge (or mind), and ananda, action (or matter.) These three qualities […]

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Chinese Daoist Alchemical Meditation

  Basics   My blog articles, “My Zen, Part II: Ageless Chinese Wisdom” and “My Zen, Part III: Alchemy, Qigong and Taijiquan” present a relatively thorough discussion of Daoist meditation and include a scientific perspective. The attempt has been made here to create a blueprint of the basic system of Chinese Daoist symbolic alchemy for those […]

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My Zen Part III: Alchemy, Qigong and Taijiquan

  Read My Zen Part II: Ageless Chinese Meditation   Origins of Chinese Inner Alchemy   Chinese Inner Alchemy includes meditation, breathing and movement exercises like Qigong and taijiquan. In both Chinese Daoist alchemy and the Western Royal Art, two distinct interpretations of alchemy have developed over time: ‘external alchemy’ (Mandarin waidan) and ‘internal alchemy’ […]

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Traditions: An Introduction to the “My Zen” Series

  Traditions: An Introduction to the “My Zen” Series Tumbling Into Meditation “My Zen” is a four-part series of blog articles researched and written as a record of one American’s comprehensive investigation of the world’s most established Eastern meditative methods. Although this is the story of the author’s own personal journey and “awakening,” these articles […]

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The First Meditators: Indian Yoga

The First Meditators: Indian Yoga Part I of the My Zen Series Read “My Zen” Series Introduction: Traditions     IN THE BEGINNING…   It is interesting to me that at some point when the world was young, before industry, before electricity, and previous to the global domination of the major religions, somebody sat down […]

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