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Introducing MetaHub:

A Comprehensive Architecture for Information Analysis




MetaHub is an outline for a rational, science-based, secular humanist overview of the known universe. This taxonomical logical architecture is ‘psychological technology,’ a framework for a comprehensive worldview, upon which to catalog every point of information in the mind. With the plethora of data growing on the world wide web, an accurate, well-organized overview is essential to identifying and assessing priorities.  

An objective organized overview is the best mental architecture, especially for leaders. For optimum comprehension, details in analysis of collected information are considered in context with the sum of their interrelationships with equivalent details, with lesser and greater points of data, and with the cosmos as a whole, in one complete map. 

The leader with the greater view will have the advantage of that intelligence in making decisions. A leader’s decisions today can have a profound effect on the whole community, the natural environment, and the whole world. With that, we introduce MetaHub, a comprehensive architecture for information analysis.

MetaHub on PDF: A Comprehensive Architecture for Information Analysis

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