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The Royal Art: Alchemy and Science

  Hello, Dear Reader, below is a series of articles on the Royal Art. The Royal Art, known technically as symbolic or speculative alchemy, is the art of eternal transformation. It is called royal because it is the supreme profession, encompassing the philosophy of nature, the art of life, and the science of government. In […]

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Virgins and Philosophers: Early Proto-Monasticism (Inside Monastic Culture Part II)

  Read “The Solitaries: Inside Monastic Culture Part I”   Roman Religious Colleges   The Vestal Virgins of ancient Rome, formed in the seventh century BCE, were the world’s first known cenobitic proto-monastics and their Atrium Vestiae, or House of the Vestal Virgins, was the first proto-monastic house. The Vestal Virgins, a part of the […]

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Power of the Mind 2: Visualization and the Mind

 Page 2 … Read Page 1   CONTENTS PART 2: Studying and Professional Skill Building | Mnemonics | The Memory Palace | Artistic Creativity | Enlightenment | The Universal Person | Archetypes | Inner Alchemy | Spirituality | Meditation, Mental Health and Enlightenment | Mindfulness Meditation CONTENTS PART 3: The Nervous System and Immunity | Neuroendocrinology | Psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology | Stress, Adrenaline and Homeostasis | How […]

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Meditation, the Art of Life Part V: The Science of Meditation

  A Working Definition of Illumination Meditation   Meditation is defined as a focusing of awareness, confining the attention to a single thing, bringing the mind to a state of tranquility and clarity. There are many kinds of meditation developed all over the world for various purposes. In this article we will focus primarily on […]

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Power of the Mind 1: The Science of Visualization

    CONTENTS PART 1: Creative Visualization | Guided Meditation | Relaxation | Health and Immunity | Healing | Athletics | Life Goals | Holistic Imagery for Success CONTENTS PART 2:  Studying and Professional Skill Building | Mnemonics | The Memory Palace | Artistic Creativity | Enlightenment | The Universal Person | Archetypes | Inner Alchemy | Spirituality | Meditation, Mental Health and Enlightenment | Mindfulness Meditation CONTENTS PART 3: Meditation, the […]

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Tantric Yoga: Philosophy and Meditation

  Tantric Cosmology   Tantric Yoga, developed in the sixteenth century CE, seems particularly concerned with anatomy, which is largely spiritual. Tantra applies the three gunas to energy, as causal, subtle, and gross, and to man, as sat, will (or transcendental consciousness), chit, knowledge (or mind), and ananda, action (or matter.) These three qualities are […]

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Chinese Daoist Alchemical Meditation

    Preparing for Alchemical Visualization   The descriptions of Daoist alchemical meditation in this article are for the purpose of visualization, and no scientific claims are made regarding “spiritual anatomy” or the benefits of the meditations. The Science Abbey articles, “Ancient Chinese Philosophy and Daoist Meditation” and “Chinese Alchemy” present a relatively thorough discussion of […]

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Ancient Chinese Philosophy and Daoist Meditation

   A Note on the Romanization of Chinese Words Pinyin is used in this article as the convention amongst scholars today. With Chinese words that are relatively well known to English speakers, the popular Wade-Giles system is initially given in parenthesis, for the convenience of those who may be more familiar with that system of […]

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The Christian Journey Part II: The Future

Read The Christian Journey Part I: The Body of Christ     The Jungian Archetype   Carl Gustav Jung (1875 – 1961) was a Swiss student of the founder of modern psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, an outspoken atheist. He developed his own system of psychotherapy that rivalled Freud’s from its inception. Jung’s research on schizophrenia led […]

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