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Updated 2024

Tracking the most relevant and interesting stories

from all branches of science


Offering up-to-date lists of the best sources

for science information on the web.

Best Science Blog Lists

Webby Awards 

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Best Science Websites

List by Real Clear Science

Nature Magazine

Science Magazine


New Scientist

BBC Earth

BBC Future

Quanta Magazine

The Conversation


Best Science History





Today in Science

Scientific American

Max Planck Institute

History of Science Society

Sage Journals

Best Science Books List

Geek Wrapped 50 Best Science Books

Best Science Apps

Product Hunt

How to Keep Up on Science

Science Magazine

FeedSpot: 60 Best Science Podcasts 2024

The Skeptics’ Guide Podcast

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Staying current is important not just because new exciting scientific advances are being made every day, but because democracy cannot operate without an informed public.

Scientists are writing papers that nobody reads. Information has to be marketed in a form that people understand so it reaches a larger audience.

In an age of big data, fake news and rapidly evolving science, this service is especially vital to an informed global community.

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