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Meditation, the Art of Life Part V: The Science of Meditation

  A Working Definition of Illumination Meditation   Meditation is defined as a focusing of awareness, confining the attention to a single thing, bringing the mind to a state of tranquility and clarity. There are many kinds of meditation developed all over the world for various purposes. In this article we will focus primarily on […]

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Power of the Mind 1: The Science of Visualization

    CONTENTS PART 1: Creative Visualization | Guided Meditation | Relaxation | Health and Immunity | Healing | Athletics | Life Goals | Holistic Imagery for Success CONTENTS PART 2:  Studying and Professional Skill Building | Mnemonics | The Memory Palace | Artistic Creativity | Enlightenment | The Universal Person | Archetypes | Inner Alchemy | Spirituality | Meditation, Mental Health and Enlightenment | Mindfulness Meditation CONTENTS PART 3: Meditation, the […]

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Science Meets Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Traditional Chinese Medicine   The medical traditions of the world all began relatively alike in conception, but those of the East maintained focus on the holistic perspective while those of the West followed the path of scientific method. A brief comparison of early foundational Western and Chinese philosophies shows how the divergent views […]

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The Science of Ayurveda: Ancient Indian Medicine

  Ancient Roots   Ayurveda is the world’s oldest continuing system of medicine. It is the ancient form of Indian medical practice, which originated in pre-historic times, but is formally taught in the Tantras and the Samhitas. Ayurvedic philosophy, remedies and techniques have been passed down generation after generation for three thousand years. Proponents call […]

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