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The Best Science Online – Stay Informed!

  2022   Tracking the most relevant and interesting stories from all the branches of science.   Offering up-to-date lists of the best sources for science information on the web.   Best Science Blog Lists Webby Awards  Geek Wrapped Feedspot   Best Science Websites List by Real Clear Science Nature Magazine Science Magazine Livescience New […]

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Scientific Mindfulness Meditation

    Origins   Mindfulness meditation may be defined as nonjudgmental awareness through purposeful holding of attention, being in the moment, for mental and physical health, self-knowledge and wisdom. One does not need to sit to be mindful; one can be mindful during all activities throughout the day. Along with its merit as a basis […]

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Zen Buddhist Meditation

  Zen Buddhist Meditation   While there are a number of schools of Zen, this article will focus on the Japanese Soto sect teaching of shikantaza, or “just sitting” method of meditation, probably the most straight-forward example of Zen Buddhist meditation.   Early Zen in Japan   Buddhism spread from China to Korea in the […]

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Chinese Chan Buddhist Meditation

  Zuo Chan, Sitting Meditation   The first Chinese people to become interested in Buddhism were Daoists. These Daoists became the first converts to Buddhism in China. Over the next couple of centuries Sanskrit Buddhist works on meditation, enlightenment and the path of the bodhisattva were translated into Chinese. Chinese mystics adopted and adapted Buddhism […]

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Buddhist Insight Meditation

  The Buddha: Siddhartha Gautama   The Buddha’s meditation is a way of life, a religion, rooted in the simple act of sitting calmly and being awake to reality. The Buddha was born Prince Siddhartha Gautama probably in the sixth century BCE into the Shakya clan, which is why he is sometimes referred to as […]

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The Science Abbey Meditation Guide – Basic Meditation

    Simple Sitting Meditation   This handbook is a guide to a seated silent meditation, which for the purpose of precise definition, is called Illumination meditation. Feel free to skip the philosophical introduction and go to the end of the article to the Meditation Manual. Illumination meditation is the unification of the mind, allowing […]

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The Royal Art: Alchemy and Science

  Hello, Dear Readers, below is a series of articles on the Royal Art. The Royal Art, known technically as symbolic or speculative alchemy, is the art of eternal transformation. According to tradition it is called royal because it is the supreme profession, encompassing the philosophy of nature, the art of life, and the science […]

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