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Science Meets Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Traditional Chinese Medicine   The medical traditions of the world all began relatively alike in conception, but those of the East maintained focus on the holistic perspective while those of the West followed the path of scientific method. A brief comparison of early foundational Western and Chinese philosophies shows how the divergent views […]

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The Science of Ayurveda: Ancient Indian Medicine

  Ancient Roots   Ayurveda is the world’s oldest continuing system of medicine. It is the ancient form of Indian medical practice, which originated in pre-historic times, but is formally taught in the Tantras and the Samhitas. Ayurvedic philosophy, remedies and techniques have been passed down generation after generation for three thousand years. Proponents call […]

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The Best Science Online: Stay Informed

    Let’s Go Meta-Meta Science Abbey is an interface between scientists and the public by tracking only the most important and interesting stories from all branches of science. For this ongoing endeavor I have collected lists and specific sites for the best science on the web. I will update this post occasionally so you […]

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The First Meditators: Indian Yoga

  IN THE BEGINNING…   It is interesting to me that at some point when the world was young, before industry, before electricity, and previous to the global domination of the major religions, somebody sat down and began to meditate. It happened in India during the birth of one of the first urban centers in […]

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