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Chinese Daoist Alchemical Meditation

    Preparing for Alchemical Visualization   The descriptions of Daoist alchemical meditation in this article are for the purpose of visualization, and no scientific claims are made regarding “spiritual anatomy” or the benefits of the meditations. The Science Abbey articles, “Ancient Chinese Philosophy and Daoist Meditation” and “Chinese Alchemy” present a relatively thorough discussion of […]

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Ancient Chinese Philosophy and Daoist Meditation

   A Note on the Romanization of Chinese Words Pinyin is used in this article as the convention amongst scholars today. With Chinese words that are relatively well known to English speakers, the popular Wade-Giles system is initially given in parenthesis, for the convenience of those who may be more familiar with that system of […]

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The First Meditators: Indian Yoga

  IN THE BEGINNING…   It is interesting to me that at some point when the world was young, before industry, before electricity, and previous to the global domination of the major religions, somebody sat down and began to meditate. It happened in India during the birth of one of the first urban centers in […]

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