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The Best Science Online: Stay Informed

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Best Science Online

Quantum Computing Chip @ the Science Museum, London, U.K.


Let’s Go Meta-Meta

Science Abbey is an interface between scientists and the public by tracking only the most important and interesting stories from all branches of science. For this ongoing endeavor I have collected lists and specific sites for the best science on the web. I will update this post occasionally so you don’t have to spend precious minutes surfing around for up-to-date information, and can spend that time actually reading the news.

If you want to stay informed, I recommend following the best science sources on Facebook and Twitter, setting up a Feedly account to track new articles from your favorite sites, and of course stay connected to Science Abbey to stay on top of it all. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and join our newsfeed, which goes directly to your email inbox. Now, let’s explore!


Best Science Blog Lists

Webby Awards 

Geek Wrapped

Next Scientist

The Guardian

Forensic Science Technician


Quanta Magazine


Best Science Websites

List by Real Clear Science

Nature Magazine

Science Magazine


New Scientist

BBC Earth

BBC Future

Quanta Magazine

The Conversation



Best Science History





Today in Science

Scientific American

Max Planck Institute

History of Science Society

Sage Journals


Best Science Books List

Geek Wrapped 50 Best Science Books


Best Science Apps

Tom’s Guide


How to Keep Up on Science

Science Magazine

The Skeptics’ Guide Podcast


Staying current is important not just because new exciting scientific advances are being made every day, but because democracy cannot operate without an informed public. Scientists are writing papers that nobody reads. Information has to be marketed in a form that people understand so it reaches a larger audience.

This blog is not the work of a scientist, but of a former librarian and curator, so I will bring you meta-meta information in an organized and purified form. My first example of this is a post about the best sites listing the best science blogs, websites, apps and books. I will maintain these lists with periodic updates.

In an age of big data and fake news this service is especially vital to an informed global community.




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